• 02/14/2014: Analyses of estimates of sea surface salinity in a 2-km resolution model of the eastern Bering Sea performed by Dr. S. Durski shows on-shelf transport of salinity from the area of Bering Canyon and its slow entrainment father east. (Click here).

  • 02/13/2014: The manuscript on Circulation in the eastern Bering Sea: Inferences from a 2-km resolution model (by Durski, Kurapov, Panteleev, and Zhang) has been submitted to the Bering Sea Ecosystem Study (BEST) Special Issue, Deep Sea (Click here).

  • 02/13/2014: The manuscript on Intensified Diurnal Tides along the Oregon Coast (lead author - J. Osborne, A. Kurapov's PhD student) has been accepted for publication at Journal of Physical Oceanography. (Click here).