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  • 02/09/2015: The manuscript on "Circulation in the Eastern Bering Sea: inferences from a 2-kilometer-resolution model" (by Durski, Kurapov, Panteleev, and Zgang) has been accepted for publication in Deep Sea Research II (Click here for pdf or online version).

  • 02/09/2015: The manuscript on "Coastal ocean variability in the U.S. Pacific Northwest region: seasonal patterns, winter circulation and the influence of the 2009-2010 El Nino" (by Durski, Kurapov, Allen, Kosro, Egbert, and Shearman) has been submitted for publication in Ocean Dynamic (Click here).

  • 02/14/2014: Analyses of estimates of sea surface salinity in a 2-km resolution model of the eastern Bering Sea performed by Dr. S. Durski shows on-shelf transport of salinity from the area of Bering Canyon and its slow entrainment farther east. (Click here).

  • 02/13/2014: The manuscript on Circulation in the eastern Bering Sea: Inferences from a 2-km resolution model (by Durski, Kurapov, Panteleev, and Zhang) has been submitted to the Bering Sea Ecosystem Study (BEST) Special Issue, Deep Sea (Click here).

  • 02/13/2014: The manuscript on Intensified Diurnal Tides along the Oregon Coast (lead author - J. Osborne, A. Kurapov's PhD student) has been accepted for publication at Journal of Physical Oceanography. (Click here).

  • 12/07/2013: Outputs of a high-resolution three-dimensional regional model (Dr. S. Durski) allow us to visualize stirring of subsurface water masses (coming from north and south) that provide a source of upwelled waters off the US West Coast. The simulation obtained at the 2-km resolution shows differences in the subsurface northward slope transport and eddy generation in Jan-Feb 2009 and 2010 (the year influenced by El Nino) (See more)

  • 11/05/2013: Analyses of a 2-km resolution model of the eastern Bering Sea performed by Dr. S. Durski show generation of 30-km eddies in the area of Bering Canyon, northwest of Unimak Pass. These are generated with roughly 2-week periodicity (correlated with periods of peak diurnal tides around Aleutian Islands). These eddies potentially contribute to on-shelf material transport.(Click here to watch the movie)

  • 08/06/2013: A new interactive viewer of the real-time Oregon coastal ocean forecast system has been developed by Dr. S. Erofeeva. Please enjoy viewing and give us a feedback! (Click here)

  • 08/06/2013: The manuscript on "Sea surface temperature variability in the upwelling region off Oregon influenced by the Columbia River plume" (authors Kurapov, Yu, Shearman, and Allen) has been submitted to the Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans (see more).

  • 2/12/2013: Outputs of a high-resolution model of the Eastern Bering Sea (S. Durski) has provided an unprecedented view of eddy variability around Aleutian Islands, over the deep basin and over the Bering Sea shelf [link to the page] (See more)

  • 12/19/2012: A manuscript on "Bathymetry correction using an adjoint component of a coupled nearshore wave-circulation model" has been submitted to J. Geophys. Res. - Oceans. The authors are A. L. Kurapov, H. Tuba Özkan-Haller. (see more).

  • 10/22/2012: High-resolution (2km) simulations, performed by Dr. S. Durski, reveal details of the complex circulation between the North Pacific ocean and the Bering Sea. (See more)

  • 07/13/2012: The 1- and 2-km horizontal resolution models developed by J. Osborne and P. Yu have included the Columbia River fresh water discharge. These simulations help us understand interaction of the river plume, tides, and wind-driven alongshore currents in winter and summer (See figures).

    07/05/2012: Analysis of satellite SSH data and the 2-km resolution ROMS model outputs, performed by Dr. P. Fayman, has shown substantial inter-annual variability in the winter dynamics along the US West Coast. In winter 2010, the winter downwelling was much stronger than in winter 2009, resulting in larger SSH rising along the coast. By March 2010, energetic and long-lived anticyclonic eddies were generated that potentially influenced the coastal and slope circulation later that year (See figures).

    06/08/2012: A manuscript on "Energetic diurnal tides along the Oregon coast" was submitted to JPO. The authors are Osborne J. J., A. L. Kurapov, G. D. Egbert, and P. M. Kosro.

    04/12/2012: A manuscript on "Variational assimilation of HF radar surface currents in a coastal ocean model off Oregon" has been published by Ocean Modelling. [pdf] (2012, 86-104, doi: 10.1016/j.ocemod.2012.03.001). The authors are Peng Yu, Alexander Kurapov, Gary Egbert, John Allen, and Mike Kosro.

    12/22/2011: A manuscript on "Spatial and Temporal Variability of the M2 Internal Tide Generation and Propagation on the Oegon Shelf" has been published in the November issue of the Journal of Physical Oceanography [pdf] (41, 2037-2062, doi: 10.1175/JPO-D-11-02.1). The first author is John Osborne, our PhD student.

    11/14/2011: Improvements in the formulation of the atmosphere-ocean heat flux(in particular, latent flux) in ROMS have allowed Dr. Sangil Kim to obtain an improved high-resolution solution showing upwelling off the Bonney Coast(south Australia). See the movie for more details.

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