Position Announcement

    The MSc or PhD student position is available within the Coastal Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation Group at CEOAS/Oregon State University, to possibly start studies as early as in Fall 2015. The choice of a research project will depend on the applicant's interest and qualifications and will involve development, application and analysis of outputs of realistic coastal ocean circulation models. Examples of specific projects, of interest to us, include:
    - Interior-coastal ocean interactions along the US West Coast
    - Interannual variability in the surface and subsurface slope flows off the US West Coast
    - Advanced data assimilation in coastal areas
    - Low frequency flow variability along the Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea slope
    - Effects of the drifting ice on the eddy variability in the Bering Sea
    If interested, please contact us ASAP!

    Contact Infomation

    Dr Alexander Kurapov
    College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
    Oregon State University
    Email: kurapov@coas.oregonstate.edu