Coastal Model Seminar Series:

    To facilitate interactions between ocean modelers at CEOAS, exchange information about current research, and brainstorm challenging issues, we have been running a series of informal "coastal ocean modelers" seminars, which allow ample amount of time for discussions.

    If you would like to receive information about coming seminars, please contact kurapov at coas dot oregonstate dot edu

    06/25/2012, Mon - Vincent Combes: Modeling the SouthWest Atlantic

    06/18/2012, Mon - Laurence Padman: Sea ice: reality and models

    06/11/2012, Mon - Alexander Kurapov: Variational assimilation of (synthetic) data in a 1-way coupled nearshore circulation model.

    06/04/2012, Mon - Rachael Mueller: Validating atmospheric wind products around Antarctica using QuikSCAT scatterometry

    05/14/2012, Mon - Pavel Fayman: A new 2-km resolution regional ocean model to study interior-coastal ocean interactions

    05/14/2012, Mon - Brad Weir: Particle Filters in Ecological Modeling Problems

    05/07/2012, Mon - Alexander Kurapov: Gliders and Models

    04/30/2012, Mon - Cathleen Vestfals: Eddy variability in the Bering Sea (impressions from satellite analysis)

    03/23/2012, Fri - Scott Durski: Modeling Bering Sea dynamics

    03/16/2012, Fri - Emily Shroyer: Nares Strait modeling

    03/09/2012, Fri - Ricardo Matano: On the abuse of cyclic boundary conditions

    03/02/2012, Fri - Natalie Perlin: Modeling wind response to fine-scale SST gradients in Agulhas Return Current region

    02/17/2012, Fri - Gabriela Mayorga Adame: Is there hope to reconcile model and satellite observations for a non-assimilating ROMS model? (using an example of a Tanzanian mesoscale model)

    02/10/2012, Fri - Alexander Kurapov: Adjoint of a 1-way coupled wave-circulation nearshore model

    02/06/2012, Mon - Greg Wilson On the influence of wind and shelf flow on nearshore currents

    01/27/2012, Fri - Roger Samelson Sea-ice modeling basics: EVP dynamics